Lift Depression

Depression can affect anyone, even the usually most positive of us. It can cause a variety of psychological and physical symptoms. It can affect the way you sleep, eat, work, your relationships and the way you feel about yourself and your life. You may feel hopeless, sad and lose interest in things you usually enjoy.

Other people may tell you to’snap out of it’, but no matter how much you ‘consciously’ want to, it just seems impossible. Hypnotherapy can help you to make that positive change by unlocking the ‘subconscious’ blocks that have been keeping you locked in depression.

Often by the time clients visit me they say they have tried almost everything but still the depression persists or there are those who decide that medication or counselling is not for them and they wish to try an alternative route.

Hypnotherapy can help you heal the cause of your depression and let it go for good.

Imagine feeling so much more relaxed, positive, energetic and optimistic about your life in just a matter of weeks; it can and does happen.

“I can’t tell you how much Jan and the hypnotherapy she provides has changed my life. I am more positive, pro-active and have developed some great coping strategies! Hypnotherapy helped me to cut ties with bad emotions and is helping me to love myself again.”

Take a look at my client testimonials to see what they say about how hypnotherapy has helped them.