Hypnosis can help a wide range of issues, whether emotional, psychological or even physical. It helps often where other, perhaps more traditional, methods have failed.

Many of my clients begin our conversation by saying, ‘I’ve tried everything else and nothing has helped’.

And they finish the treatment by saying, ‘I wish I’d tried hypnosis years ago’.

Here are some typical examples:Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Fears, Stress, Tension, Anger, Grief, Addictions, Compulsions.

Sleep, Migraines, IBS, Pain, Weight, Hypno-Gastric Band, Childbirth, Bladder issues, Stuttering, Blushing, Nervous habits.

Confidence, Public Speaking, Performance Nerves (Sports or Stage), Driving Test Nerves, Exam Nerves.

And much, much more…



If you still have some questions and would like to discover the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of hypnosis why not try the ‘Sample & See’ session first. You’ll leave feeling beautifully relaxed, refreshed, and calm. You’ll even have a complimentary recording so you can experience the feeling of well-being time and time again. The simple process of relaxation brings with it many health benefits for both mind and body.


This covers the majority of treatments. Each session lasts between 80 minutes and 2 hours and is designed specifically to meet your needs. Together we identify the cause, heal, facilitate change and reprogram with the new positive behaviours you choose for now and the future. Complimentary recordings to reinforce your treatment at home are included in the price.


The treatment consists of four sessions, over a period of 7-8 weeks, a total investment of £280. Together we’ll design a simple weight loss plan where hypnotherapy helps you to:Identify and heal the cause of your weight gain
Transform your eating habits
Control your portion size
Move more with exercise motivation
recordings support and motivate you through the journey to the new you.


Once you’ve made the decision to quit, the stop smoking package helps motivate and ease your transition. A recording reinforces your treatment, keeping you on track as a confident and calm non-smoker.

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