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Client Testimonials


Working with Jan has been an amazing experience. From the first phone call, she put me at ease and has worked with me and my specific goals and time frames. The progress I have made is incredible, from the first session and all the way through. I have nothing but good things to say. I have overcome several obstacles that were holding me back and continue to surprise myself with the progress I continue to make following my treatment. I highly recommend Jan. If you are unsure about hypnotherapy, take the plunge, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Steph, Waterlooville




I went to see Jan having suffered from blushing and anxiety for all my life. I had previously tried GPs and counselling with little effect and now in my late 60’s I decided to try Hypnotherapy. I found the first session with Jan very relaxing and enjoyable and noticed a big difference in how I felt afterwards and in the days following. The next two sessions were equally as powerful in their effect and the audio hypnosis recordings that Jan gave me to play at home were very effective. I now feel more confident and much more able to able to cope with (and even enjoy!) social situations.

David, Hampshire



I have been a sufferer of anxiety for 25 years plus and tried many things including counselling and medication. During one time I was finding it difficult to manage, a friend suggested hypnotherapy. I found Jan and haven’t looked back. She immediately put me at ease and guided me through my first session. I hadn’t felt as in control and relaxed in ages. My life is busy, and difficult at times, but these sessions have helped me no end. I often go back to the recordings she sent me when I am struggling and they help me no end.

Charlotte, Waterlooville

Quit Vaping

I am 58 years old and have smoked since my late teens. I swapped to vaping six years ago but have wanted to stop my addiction for years.

I was sceptical about my session with Jan for two reasons. 1) Even though I wanted to stop, I just couldn’t imagine life without smoking and 2) the session was online and I am dreadful with any tech.

What can I say?! The whole experience was easily done from home from my laptop and totally enjoyable. Jan talked me through the process before starting the hypnotherapy, clarified any queries and put me at my ease.

I can confirm that I am no longer a smoker! My husband vapes and so do a lot of my friends and relatives. Since my session with Jan I have happily sat every evening with my husband vaping next to me and had coffee with vaping friends during the day. I have literally gone from vaping as soon as I woke up in the morning to when I went to bed at night. I would panic if my vape ran out of charge or liquid. I never went anywhere without my vape – and I usually carried a spare too!

It has been 7 days since my session with Jan and I know I will never vape again. One week may not seem long enough to state I am a non-smoker but I feel so confident about my decision I just know I don’t need a vape in my life. By following the instructions Jan gave me I am calmer and have achieved the impossible!

I totally recommend Jan to anybody out there looking to change their lives for the better.

Thank you Jan.

Claude, Waterlooville

Cutting back on Alcohol

I first contacted Jan to try Hypnotherapy in an attempt to help kerb my unhealthy drinking habits and gain some motivation to start living a healthier lifestyle.

After just my first session, I noticed that subconsciously I began making better, healthier decisions with certain bad habits. Now having completed a number of sessions I can honestly say that I’m back on the right track. I feel motivated to exercise and no longer have the urge to drink to excess.

Thank you for all your help Jan.

Richard in Waterlooville.


Before being recommended to Jan I suffered terribly from lack of/no sleep. I tried everything that seemed to work for others, but nothing worked for me. This had gone on for years.
I can’t recommend Jan highly enough as this has changed things around for me and I now sleep at night, which is heaven and such a relief.

Marilyn, Portsmouth

Eating Disorder / Anxiety

Hypnotherapy! After some nagging from my wife, I agreed it was worth a go, not my sort of thing, but after some health issues resulting in a lot of tablets being consumed it was worth a try, Jan was very informative about how it would all work, giving me confidence that it would help me, well it has, you soon let yourself trust the programme, and you are given recordings to listen to between sessions, it is a journey that has helped me, and continues to help me, so I would thoroughly recommend Jan and her Hypnotherapy course.

Robin, Hampshire


After being stuck with a problem that wasn’t very spoken about or known of for 2 years, not being taken seriously by health care professionals, I came to Jan with my problem, vaginismus and she made me feel completely comfortable and valid. I wish I had done this 2 years ago but at least I have now. I can’t thank her enough for helping me battle this personal problem. I feel confident and in control again! Thank you

Kate, Portsmouth


As someone who’d suffered from Anxiety since I can remember and after a particularly tough year I decided to give hypnotherapy a go.

After reaching out to Jan I found her really reassuring and saw she had plenty of experience in this area. The sessions have been an incredible journey of understanding, awareness and learning. Through our online sessions and daily practices, I now have the techniques and a mind-set to overcome the anxiety.

Thanks so much for all your help Jan.

Matt, Portsmouth

Negative Thoughts & Feelings, Self Confidence

After experiencing a traumatic event my mental health was affected, I struggled with negative feelings and to regain my positivity.

Jan is easy to talk to and the hypnotherapy has helped me to be able to relax and built up my self confidence. I now feel much happier and have learnt some techniques to maintain my emotional well being.

Much appreciated, thanks for your support Jan.

Jo, Portsmouth

Insomnia, Anxiety & Panic

Looking for a solution to your problems? Then look no further. Jan’s hypnotherapy is amazing, and it really works.

I had been to Jan’s home before for previous problems, and had success. I was concerned that now , due to COVID, therapy has to be online. And I am not tech friendly! But even I was able to cope with the process, and in fact found it easier, as my anxieties were so bad, I couldn’t have driven to Jan’s home anyway.

After three months of extreme insomnia and daytime anxiety and panic , I am now well on my way out of that “black hole”. Thank-you so much Jan. The relief is life changing, and I cannot recommend you highly enough.

Alison, Havant

Weight Loss

I had heard of hypnotherapy through my work in the NHS but thought, it can’t really work, but with all my bad eating habits and bad decisions around food I thought it’s time to believe.

I contacted Jan with an open mind, she put me at ease and we booked our first session (online).

It was one of the best things I have done and the difference it made focused my mind. I think differently now as if I have ‘a friend’ who knows when to say no and it’s helped me control eating the wrong things.

I have the recording to listen to as a reminder and feel great making better choices and being more active.
Thanks Jan for everything and for those that still don’t believe it can work just give it a go you may be very surprised.

Alan, Portsmouth.

Weight Loss

I contacted Jan to help me with weight loss, having had hypnotherapy before I was not sure it would work online, it did. I started seeing results right from the first session. Jan is so easy to talk to and she explains what’s going to happen throughout the session very clearly. I felt very comfortable in her care and would recommend her to anyone who needs help.

Amanda, Portsmouth

Car Passenger Anxiety – Online Sessions

“I contacted Jan as I had started suffering from car passenger anxiety and it was making life very difficult. Our sessions were done online and Jan is very easy to talk to and I felt that she really listened to what I was saying and understood. The whole process is actually quite enjoyable and very relaxing. I am very grateful for her help and would definitely recommend her to anyone struggling with any issues”

Debbie, Cowplain

Sleep – Online Sessions

I contacted Jan at Serenity as a friend had highly recommended her. I have difficulty sleeping all through the night and indeed overthinking mundane things through in the night, once awake. I found the sessions I had with Jan online were extremely therapeutic and useful. They helped me to relax and settle and using the recordings she sent me on a daily basis, helped me to relax when I needed to at differing times. The quality of my sleep has improved drastically and I have no problem getting to sleep. If I wake, I follow the techniques that Jan gave to me through hypnosis and find I can send myself to sleep again. I would highly recommend hypnosis as a helpful aid for sleeping better.

Anne, Waterlooville


I went to see Jan for help with my anxiety issues. I found Jan to be very warm and approachable and felt able to trust in her skills. Jan’s sessions and listening to Jan’s recordings have really helped, and I have gained valuable insights. Thank you very much, Jan.

​​​​​​​Sue, Portsmouth

Driving Test Nerves / Anxiety

Thank you for everything, I wasn’t sure at first if doing the hypnotherapy would help me overcome my nerves when driving!
It absolutely did, after taking the test several times, I decided to try hypnotherapy.
I would absolutely recommend it anyone looking for help with driving when it comes to nerves or anxiety when taking the driving test.
Thanks for all your help Jan ☺️

Karla, Waterlooville

Anxiety (Driving / General)

I sought Jan’s help for my driving anxiety and general anxiety.

From day one Jan has been incredibly friendly and welcoming. I felt at ease and was able to relax quickly during our session.

She takes the time to understand the problem and goes through what to expect during each session thoroughly.

After 4 sessions I can confidently say that I have noticed an overall difference in my mental health. I feel more confident in myself, and my moods have changed for the better. The driving anxiety has lessened and with the tool’s that Jan has taught me through hypnosis, I know that my driving anxiety can get better from here.

The feeling of dread that I feel every morning is non-existent and with the help of Jan’s recordings, I can start my day on a positive feeling.

I want to thank you, Jan, for all the help you have given me. I couldn’t recommend you enough. I will be coming back whenever I need to get my mental health on the right tracks again.

​​​​​​​Jemma, Waterlooville

Intimacy – Online Therapy

“I approached Jan after I was having difficulty dealing with the fact that I am a premature ejaculator and becoming more stressed about it.
Jan was so understanding and helped me with my goal to seek a more positive and confident attitude to my premature ejaculation and learn to embrace it rather than fight against it.
I was completely new to hypnotherapy but went in with an open mind and knowing what my goals were. I am so glad I did. Jan was brilliant.”

Derek, Portsmouth

Anxiety – Online Therapy

I’m so glad that I turned to hypnotherapy, I was in a bad spot when I turned 17 and I felt it was the right thing to do to help with my anxiety. Hypnotherapy has helped me gain confidence in myself again and I feel a lot more positive now.
Highly recommended to anyone who is going through any form of anxiety or depression.

​​​​​​​Luke, Waterlooville

Weight Loss – Online Therapy

It was actually my husband that suggested I give hypnotherapy a try, for my bad eating habits. I was very nervous at the start but I’m so glad I reached out to Jan, as she’s made such a positive impact on our life. I’ve struggled with secret and emotional eating for many years and I’d never realised why. I love exercise, from kick boxing, to cycling but injuries and more recently the Covid-19 pandemic have meant that I’ve not been able to do as much as I’d like to. It has been a stressful time and even though I’ve been fed up with yoyo dieting, my way of coping has always been to comfort eat excessively. With a lack of exercise, I’d once again been frustrated that my best clothes didn’t fit. I’ve always understood that you should look after your body, through healthy eating but I’d never been able to stick to it. Jan has helped me to understand why I behaved this way, looking at historical causes and to quit those bad habits. Overall, I just wanted to lose weight, without feeling like it was a punishment and to keep it off. However, Jan has helped me with the weight loss and a whole lot more.

Thank you Jan, for all your help, every step of the way.

Jamie, Waterlooville

Anxiety as a Car Passenger – Online Therapy

I would like to thank you so much. I didn’t really know what to expect when I first contacted you, but even that first telephone call was reassuring. I had been struggling for sometime as I was becoming a very anxious car passenger and was getting to the point of avoiding journeys if I could.
i had 3 sessions with you and even after the first one I found a change and not just with car journeys but other small anxieties too. The second session gave me an understanding of the root of my problem and session 3 reinforced and consolidated everything. I am now much more at ease in the car.
I really enjoyed our meetings and was actually sorry when they ended. The recordings you provided have been extremely helpful.
I have been telling everyone about you as I am sure you have the ability to help anyone. Thank-you so much and an extra thank-you from my partner, Steve, who has seen a great positive change in me.

Marilyn, Waterlooville

Anxiety – Online Therapy

Choosing Hypnotherapy and working with Jan is the best thing I have ever done, I only wish I had done it sooner! Jan is an amazing person to work with, she is kind and professional and puts you at ease straight away.
My anxiety levels have gone right down and I now have the tools that I need to be able to take control of my life again. Thank you Jan for all your help and support.

​​​​​​​Dawn, Waterlooville

Anxiety & Depression

I went to see Jan for help with my anxiety issues. I found Jan to be very warm and approachable and felt able to trust in her skills.
Jan’s sessions and listening to Jan’s recordings have really helped, and I have gained valuable insights.
Thank you very much, Jan.

Sue, Portsmouth

Self Esteem / Negativity

What I really valued about Jan over others was that I didn’t need to pay up front for a course of sessions, nor did she ‘prescribe’ me as needed X amount of sessions, she was very much “lets see how we get on”. In fact when I said to her before our final session that i’d like to return in the new year to work on another area she suggested we try weave those things in the current session and just wait and see if I want further session – NO PRESSURE EVER ❤️.
Jan’s sessions were peaceful, relaxing and most importantly – life changing.
I’ve struggled with trauma and depression since childhood and CBT and EMDR did wonders but only got me so far. This experience has been freeing and helped make some monumental shifts in my life. I plan to go back for periodic top up sessions for self care but really appreciate everything you’d helped me see, move on from and change in my life.

Chantelle, Portsmouth

Letting go of the Past (Fear / Stress)

Having a rather long list of life traumas over the past few years, I turned to Jan in desperation. I had visited Jan a couple of years ago, and she helped me through my grief after losing my father, who I was very close to. I am happy to say I have been “fixed” again, to my relief. Yesterday Jan helped me shed my considerable ” backpack” of past events, so i can move forward in life again, and enjoy it at last.
Life is for living, and now I feel I can.
Thank-you so much, Jan. I am actually in tears as I write this…happy ones of relief and joy. I am so grateful. X

Alison, Bedhampton.


I approached Jan as I had struggled with life in general for years and had been diagnosed with depression some months earlier.
I had medication for the depression, which stopped the awful blackness that used to envelope me, but I didn’t have any energy or desire to do things.
Jan listened to why I was considering hypnotherapy and suggested a way she would be able to help. She involved me in the decision making for what would work best for me and then we began to work together.
The difference after just one session was amazing. I had some desire and drive back and some ways of dealing with stuff that I never had before.
I cannot recommend Jan highly enough and if, like me, you’re wondering whether you should or shouldn’t give hypnotherapy a go, just do it!

Steve – Portsmouth

Fear and Anxiety

I went to see Jan in connection with two specific issues that were causing me fear and anxiety. Although I had some doubts as to whether hypnotherapy was going to be right for me, I have been delighted with the outcome after just 3 sessions. My fear and anxiety have significantly diminished and no longer impact the way I go about living my life. As an added bonus I have also been sleeping so much better and my overall mood has noticeably improved. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jan for hypnotherapy.

Michele, Denmead

Anxiety / IBS

Before I contacted Jan, I was stuck in my own house and could only leave if I was within a 10 minute drive and I knew there was a toilet there. For longer journeys, no longer than 45 minutes, I could not travel in rush hour or if there was any traffic on route due to severe anxiety I.B.S. Jan was my last resort having been to counselling and getting medication from the doctor and it started to heavily effect my university attendance as I could not sit in a lecture hall for longer than an hour before I had a flare up. Jan made me feel very comfortable the whole time. She explained everything so well and in so much depth, I had no worries when we started our sessions. I can now happily say I am no longer controlled by my obsession for a toilet. I have my life back and although I still listen to Jan’s recordings and stay on top of my anxiety by keeping a positive attitude, I could not have done this without Jan. Jan has really changed my life for the better and I am so thankful for my fresh chance at life. Thank you again Jan!

Meg, Waterlooville


I went to see Jan with the hope of reducing my anxiety and becoming more self accepting, and I’m delighted to say that she has definitely made a huge difference! Jan helped me to access my subconscious to identify and let go of situations and change habits associated with my negative emotions, with it sending positive ripples out into my everyday life. The sessions were tailored to my needs, with everything being explained thoroughly, and were based in a relaxed and friendly environment, making me feel safe and accepted.

Between sessions, Jan gave me recordings to listen to everyday to complement the work we were doing in our sessions, which made me feel good about myself and helped me to relax and let go. From Jan’s recordings, I have learned how to send myself into hypnosis and practice many of the techniques Jan taught me.

I’m really thankful for the work Jan has done. In only four sessions, she has helped me to want to live my life, and I cannot thank her enough. I’d definitely recommend seeing Jan if you have any problems with anxiety or low mood!

Katie, Waterlooville


“I went to see Jan Page because I suffered from anxiety, brought on by a traumatic event. Although I had kept myself together I found it hard to enjoy life. My experience of working with Jan was overwhelmingly positive. She is an excellent therapist who puts you at ease and explains what’s going to happen in a clear manner.

In all I had 4 sessions with Jan and in between I listened to some tapes she provided in my spare time. I am delighted to say that my anxiety problem has been eliminated. I can’t quite explain how I feel, the fact is that anxiety felt like someone had flipped a fear switch to on, in my head, it now feels like Jan has turned that switch back to off.

Jan has done me a great service, I would recommend her without hesitation for those with similar problems. For those people who are suffering like I did, don’t suffer needlessly, go see Jan!

R” – Portsmouth

Confident Public Speaking

I recently met Jan and have had 3 sessions of hypnosis which I can say made a positive difference in a very short space of time. I felt very comfortable working with Jan and trusted her with my sub conscious. She always explained what she was going to do and why which was really helpful as it was all a new experience for me. As part of the intervention Jan also provides you with a session which you put onto a on memory stick and can use at home – this is really good for reinforcing the work you do in the actual session with her.

I am really pleased that I made the decision to try something new and to see the effect of this so quickly.
Would definitely recommend speaking to Jan.

Mrs N – Waterlooville

Anxiety….One for the Sceptics

“I have suffered with anxiety for over 50 years right back to my schooldays but, nevertheless, am a confident and successful person. I think I know more about anxiety than the so called experts. I have read countless books, attended relaxation classes, seen councillors, undergone CBT, ACT and even practised Mindfulness. Sure, some of this has helped but now, with more time on my hands, I find anxiety having a greater impact on the quality of my life. A situation I’m not prepared to tolerate. So why Jan and hypnotherapy? Well, I’ve tried most other things and while I’m very much a sceptic I was prepared to enter these sessions with an open mind. Jan is a lovely lady with a passion and sincere belief in what she does. There was a slight improvement over the first few sessions yet I still remained sceptical. However, after 5 sessions and several weeks after they have finished I have to admit I feel better, there is a marked improvement and even my wife says I appear less anxious. Can I put this down to Jan and hypnotherapy? I’m still sceptical, because I’m at a loss as to how to directly attribute this improvement to hypnotherapy, may be because I’m reluctant to admit my subconscious has greater influence on my wellbeing than I have. I’m left wondering though, if Jan should have been my first port of call rather than what I am hoping will be my last. Suffice to say I would have no hesitation in revisiting Jan for a bit of a “refresher” if the need arises.”

John, Waterlooville

Quitting a Negative Habit

​​​​​​​Hi. I would heartily recommend Jan’s service. Not only did I find it effective but I really appreciated the fact that the sessions were completely tailored to my individual needs. Jan always allowed however much time each session needed and often offered other advice and recommendations which were also very helpful. My predictive text came up with my nickname for her and once again can’t rate the Hypnojan service highly enough.

Caroline, Westbourne

Hair Puling & Anxiety (Age 13)

Jan was amazing when I came to see her with my 13 year old daughter who was suffering with anxiety which had resulted in hair pulling.

Elise felt at ease in the environment; Jan had really looked into her profile to discover the things Elise liked to do and then used them in tools to help overcome her issue. The treatment was successful in controlling her anxieties to help her stop pulling her hair.

Sam & Elise, Waterlooville


Having suffered from depression for some time I found having hypnotherapy with Jan very calming and was a great help in setting me on the path to being a more relaxed confident and happy person. Would highly recommend Serenity Hypnotherapy to any body seeking positive change.

Mark, Portsmouth

Anxiety and Self Esteem

I went to Jan for my anxiety and low self esteem, she is so lovely and I found it very helpful. After one session I found myself not dwelling on things as much and being able to get out of my anxiety states a lot quicker. I recommend her to anyone and found it very beneficial!

Lauren, Waterlooville

Confidence and Self Esteem

From the moment I spoke with Jan on the phone I knew I had made the right decision. She put me at ease from the very first conversation. I had three sessions in total but felt a very positive change even after the first meeting.

I have recommended her to a friend since then and I wouldn’t hesitate in booking another session should I felt I needed to. Thank you Jan!

Anya, Horndean

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I found Jan’s number online, I was feeling very stressed and was having bad panic attacks. I was sceptical at first but went with it after speaking to Jan and booking an appointment for a session with her. Jan made me feel at ease and explained every thing she was going to do and what was going to happen. After my first session I felt a bit better and went back for a second, on the second I felt a lot more calm and I think Jan made more progress with me as I had a bit more belief in what was happening. I now feel so much better so please if you are suffering from anxiety you should get your self round to see Jan, you won’t regret it, I am so much better and can deal with all the every day stress.

Peter, Lovedean

Fear Of Needles

“I’ve had a fear of needles for almost 20 years. Triggered by an event I experienced as a child, this fear manifested itself and controlled large parts of my life for a long time. Earlier in the year I was fortunate to fall pregnant. Even at my first midwife appointment, I started refusing blood tests. I knew now was the time to do what I could to conquer the fear. After a quick Google search and just 2 sessions with the lovely Jan, I’m already breaking through that fear and with amazing results. I’ve now had 2 sets of blood tests, the second I braved alone and got through it very quickly. I was always positive and completely embraced Hypnotherapy, but I never would have believed anyone who told me Hypnotherapy would have such fast and effective results – I’m a different person and relieved to know I can do what I can for my baby – especially as there are plenty more needles coming my way! Thank you Jan, it really has changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

​​​​​​​Danielle, Denmead


Thank you so much for helping me! You have left me feeling incredibly calm and relaxed. I can honestly say that you have been a magnificent help in helping me manage my anxiety and stress. I have not felt this good in ages. I really can’t thank you enough. I shall be back to conquer the fear of flying next!

​​​​​​​Lesley. Horndean


Jan is incredible! She is so calming and really allows you to relax and get into it all.
At first I was nervous but after a lovely chat about how it works I was soon very relaxed.
Even now (years on from my sessions) I still tell people about my experience with Jan. It really helped with anxiety and definitely contributed to a new found self confidence! I would highly recommend going to see Jan! Thank you so much.

Jennie, Portsmouth

Anxiety & Relationship Issues

Jan has been excellent for me and has helped me overcome major anxiety issues from a past relationship. Her methods are calming and constructive and broken down into bite size pieces, which you can take away and work on in your own time.

I would highly recommend Jan and have absolute faith in what I have learnt and experienced from her, will support me in the long term and couldn’t be more thankful to Jan.

Ryan, Portsmouth

Weight Loss

Jan has been amazing. I went for some extra help on my weight loss journey. Session 1 and I was already feeling the benefits, Session 2 and we got to the crux of something unexpected, but it made me feel so much better, Session 3 some reinforcement and tweaking based on how I felt so far, and I was done.

Best money I have spent on myself in years and the weight is coming off, the exercise is ramping up (no gym!) and I know I will get to my goal. Trust Jan and she can deliver!

Joy, Waterlooville

Fear of Flying & Heights

Hi Jan, I have returned from the holiday of a lifetime. I could not have done the 26 hours in the air without your hypnotherapy course! I was calm and relaxed, including during a very bumpy ride in a twin propeller between Christchurch and Dunedin!
Thank you so much.

Wendy, Waterlooville

Stammer (Boy of 9 years old)

I contacted Jan for help with my 9 year old Grandson’s Stammer. Jan has been amazing and has helped him with confidence, worrying and speech fluency. Jan always makes sure she starts each session chatting/showing him things of interest to make sure he feels comfortable.
Jan puts a great deal of time and effort planning and writing fantastic fun filled hypnotherapy sessions for him.
She has a vast imagination which she uses to ensure that each visit is exciting and sparks his imagination, using different techniques to help him.
Jan’s enthusiasm and positivity shines through and she really does care
I would highly recommend Jan for anyone looking for a hypnotherapist especially for work with children

Thank you Jan you are a star !!

Di from Waterlooville


“I contacted Jan because my fluctuating tinnitus was becoming difficult to cope with. On quieter days I could block it out, but some days it was so loud I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I had exhausted all other ‘remedies’ and accept that it will never be cured but needed some kind of management strategy.
I had three hypnosis sessions with Jan and she gave me recordings which I listen to both at night and in the morning. My tinnitus is still there but I no longer dwell on it even on noisy days. I now sleep well without medication and feel happier and more confident in myself.”

Diane, Waterloovile


I decided to go to Serenity Hypnotherapy, to help with my anxiety as it was stopping me from living my life. My first session of hypnotherapy worked wonders for me, I was able to relax and not get worked up over things, it helped me to build my confidence and, also gave me the willpower to live my life how I want to live it.
I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Jan if you suffer with anxiety or any other problems, as it will give you the power to have control of your own life again. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Liam, Waterlooville

Anxiety & Phobias

After 60 years of life blighted by my anxiety and phobias, Jan’s amazing therapy has enabled me to enjoy life at last. I am so grateful.
Thank-you Jan, you have made such a difference, I had given up all hope.
I am so much better! Thank-you

Alison, Waterlooville


I contacted Jan for help after my husband had died. Right from our first meeting I knew I could open up and talk straight from the heart and knew Jan completely understood and was very empathetic. The hypnotherapy was completely relaxing and reassuring that one day I would achieve peace at all times. The cd’s that are given at the end of each session continue to be a huge help for me. Thank you Jan.

Kathy, Waterlooville


I’d been suffering from anxiety for many years, I had never done anything about it until it started affecting my social life and my much loved hobby – this is when I knew something had to change and I decided to take action.

After some Google research I decided I’d give hypnotherapy a go, although the thought of having it done made me even more anxious as I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t have any idea how it worked. Jan was very welcoming and reassuring from the start, and talked through the process before it happened so I had a better idea of what was going to happen.

I had four sessions in total, it turned out to be a very relaxing experience, and even after my first session I started to notice positive changes happening. Jan also gave me three CDs over the time I saw her, this helped me greatly and it was nice to take time out during my busy days to have a bit of me time and relax whilst listening to them.

Since finishing my last session I feel so much better, my anxiety is at bay and I feel like I have a generally more positive outlook on life.

Looking up Jan and deciding to go and see her turned out to be the best decision I could of made.

Thank you again for everything, your help has been fantastic 😀

Lisa, Waterlooville

Bereavement, Confidence, Intrusive Thoughts

I met with Jan twice following the death of my husband, my confidence was at an all time low, and I was feeling quite confused.
At the first session I was very surprised at how much easier I felt, but since the second session I really have a much more positive outlook altogether. I feel so much better now.
I’m so glad I made contact with Jan, and would recommend her to anyone needing help.

Betty, Waterlooville

Clenching Teeth, Biting Gums

Thanks for your help in curing my teeth clenching and biting my gums when I was anxious and/or tense.
I can’t believe it, if I feel as though I want to clench my teeth something tells me not to!!

The CDs you gave me certainly helped cement the good work you did for me, I recommend you to anyone.

Keith, Waterlooville

Anxiety & Fear of Blood Pressure Being Taken

After three hypnotherapy sessions with Jan, I have learnt how to relax and feel more in control of my anxieties, particularly with regards to having my blood pressure taken in the future. The two CD’s that Jan gave to me will always be very useful to listen to whenever I feel the need to relax.

Patricia, Waterlooville

Chocolate Addiction

I came to see Jan to help with my chocolate addiction, in April, after only one session it worked brilliantly and still does!
I would highly recommend going to see Jan for any other problems you may have. Very lovely lady.

Tracy Swain.


I went to Jan feeling a bit lost to be honest. I was suffering from anxiety which I had never experienced before. It was making me unwell and resulted in me being off work for a while.

From the off-set Jan made me feel very welcome and at ease. She fully explained the process which gave me a much better understanding of what hypnosis actually is and how it can help people.

The sessions were a real help and I now feel back in control. My anxiety is virtually nil and I find myself being able to cope with situations much better. Thank you Jan.

Tom, Waterlooville

Depression, Drug Addiction, Anxiety and Self Esteem

I was a little sceptical if hypnosis would help with my addictive personally and habits which were linked with my 25 years of anxiety and depression.

Jan is excellent, listening to and understanding what you want to achieve from your sessions.
Very friendly, professional and unrushed service.

I would highly recommend Jan Page to anyone and to try Hypnotherapy. It gave me my life back. I wish I’d experienced this years ago. I feel great!

Keith, Waterlooville

Anxiety & Self Esteem

I have been struggling with anxiety and low self esteem for about 20 years. I had tried all sorts of help but nothing seemed to ease it.

I spoke to Jan by phone who made me feel comfortable and reassured. She is a wonderful person who has really helped me. I now feel so much more positive about myself and am able to switch off from negative thoughts.

I am not constantly doubting my abilities which is something I was always doing before hypnotherapy. I feel so much happier in my day to day life and feel like a huge weight has been lifted. I listen to my hypnotherapy cds on a regular basis which really helps me continue all the good things that have been put in place. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy with Jan.

Thank you Jan for making me a happier and confident person who can now believe in myself.

Sarah Waterlooville

Anxiety & Weight Loss

Jan is a lovely lady, she really listens and takes her time with the hypnosis sessions.

I have found them of interest and a great help with anxiety issues, discovering some soothing techniques for tools for future use.

I have also had weight loss sessions which I am finding useful with my on-going objective! ;0)

Jan’s accompanying cd’s are excellent for reminding and re-enforcing long after the sessions are over, giving a variety of benefits on many levels and are wonderfully relaxing.

Thank You Jan Xx

Jeanette, Waterlooville

Depression, Drug-Abuse, Self-Esteem & Confidence

Following an accident 3 ½ years ago I was unable to work due to my injuries; I suffered with major depression which resulted in a loss of confidence and low self-esteem, I felt like I’d completely lost my drive and I turned to drugs.

Fortunately I was able to recognise that this was not a path I wanted to continue to follow as I could already see it was beginning to destroy my relationships with those closest to me.

I sought help and thankfully found Jan who was able to restore my drive and ambition and I’m no longer in a place where I feel that drugs are the answer to my problems.

I am aware that I may need help again in the future and would not hesitate to see Jan again.

Hypnotherapy worked for me even though I was somewhat of a cynic before I tried it and would recommend Jan to anyone who is suffering from any of the issues she works in.

Rob, Waterlooville

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Following hypnotherapy with you in April this year (3 months ago) I’ve been waiting to see how things panned out before writing this.

And they are panning out very well, I`m off all medication now and have been for about 2 months with only one very small wobble and I was fine without taking anything, just gave myself a good talking to!

My wife tells me I now seem a lot calmer than I was.

Your CD`s have been a big help I was using them every day but now I use them from time to time.

I do not fully understand how you do it but you have helped put my life back on track.

Thank you and all the best Brian.

Brian, Waterlooville

Weight Loss

Jan made this new experience relaxing and put me at ease from the start. Hypnotherapy has helped me to focus on what I want to achieve . The CD’s help to back you up day to day and with willpower I will continue on my weight loss journey . Thank you very much.

Mandy , Waterlooville

Phobia & Anxiety

I have suffered with anxiety and agoraphobia from a young age and have tried counselling and various therapies but none have worked.

After going to Jan for help with a phobia I have noticed a massive improvement in my anxiety, agoraphobia and have overcome the phobia!

Jan made me feel comfortable straight away and is very professional, patient and thorough. Everything was explained very clearly at the start of each session.

Thank you so much!

Grace, Waterlooville

Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Trauma, Anger

I was in an abusive relationship for 13 years which ended when my partner took his own life 6 years ago. Since then my life has been a constant struggle and although I have seen many councillors I was left feeling very angry inside, on my own and stuck within my life unable to move forward.

I was told about hypnotherapy and that it could help, as this was my last resort I thought I would give it a go. I spoke to Jan by phone who immediately put me at ease and assured me she could help.

Jan is such a lovely person and after having my first session with her I could feel a slight difference. The CDs that she gives you in between sessions have a knock on effect and as I continued with more sessions I could feel a positive shift was going on. I felt like my baggage which weighed me down was going and I felt lighter and happier within myself something I haven’t felt for years!! My anxieties, lack of confidence and worries have become a lot less.

Now I feel I am able to cope better and I’m looking forward to moving on in my life.

Alice, Portsmouth

Anxiety, IBS, Letting Go of the Past

When I saw Jan’s photo and read peoples’ reviews I felt that she was someone who could help me and I was right.
Jan is a lovely lady who makes you feel at ease straight away and she listens with interest to any problems you need help with.

I have just completed three sessions with Jan as I suffered for a long time with anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome. I found an improvement right from the first session and now feel so much better. I can go shopping with no thoughts of needing a toilet. I do not nibble so much in the evenings and I feel more relaxed in myself. The strangest thing is, that bad things that happened several years ago, which played on my mind a lot, have now become insignificant, which has made a real difference in my every- day life.

Jan gives you a CD to listen to at home after each session and they really relax you and help in many ways.

I would recommend Jan to anyone who has any problem or habit they wish to be rid of, as she certainly helped me.

I hope this review will help to encourage people to visit you Jan.

Diana, Portsmouth

Stress & Organisation

I came to Jan for help in getting to the bottom of why I could not organise myself and right from the first telephone conversation she was warm and helpful. I had some possible inkling of when I stopped being organised but could not get to grips with why I was continually in a disorganised and stressful state.
By the time we got to the second session we both knew the reason had been uncovered. I can honestly say it was utterly liberating to unlock that and completely leave it behind. Since then I have felt a massive sense of relief and well-being. Coupled with the ongoing support through the CDs and our final session which I found so uplifting I am just so thankful I found Jan.
I wish you nothing but success and happiness as this is something everyone should do at least once in their life. I would come back to you in a heartbeat should I need help with anything else,

Caroline, Waterlooville


I want to say thank-you for the help you have given me through the sessions of hypnotherapy; I have made really big steps forward.

The light you have held for me to follow has guided me out of the fog and into the beautiful unknown. The unknown is now no more a fearful practice, in fact I EMBRACE every fear with love and it carries me forward!!!

You’re a true light giver and a lovely person Jan. I wish you a beautiful future of helping others like myself. Many Thanks.

Mathew, Portsmouth

Self Esteem & Confidence

” Straight away I felt comfortable and trusted Jan. I’m glad I decided to work with Jan; it has been a very positive decision for me. I genuinely feel so much better and optimistic going forward in my life now. I’m glad I invested in myself ! Thank you Jan for helping me achieve better self esteem and more confidence”.

Lesley, Chichester

Anxiety & Panic Attacks

I really wanted to THANK YOU for the wonderful work you did for me. Every time I had to come to see you for our sessions I was always so happy…it has been an unforgettable experience getting to know you Jan. Each session never had a proper time limit and I really appreciated the fact that none of my sessions was rushed.

Everything was done with love and passion from you. Through your help I managed to gain control of my anxiety and my panic attacks. I also felt really confident every time I left your house and also later…it was like nobody could attack me because I felt so strong in my mind….and all this is thanks to you.

In this way I managed to start my career in a bank, full of confidence and competitive attitude.

Now obviously it’s up to me to make these changes last…especially through listening to your CDS.

THANK YOU SO MUCH and I really hope to meet you again sometimes in the future. xxx

Chiara, Portsmouth


I’ve suffered from anxiety about open spaces for many years and more recently experienced difficulties driving on the motorway.

Over a number of sessions with Jan, we both worked toward trying to resolve the things that have given rise to these fears, rather than putting a ‘sticking plaster’ over the top of them.

The sessions themselves were wonderfully relaxing, and the supplementary cds that were provided continue to offer help over the long term, as peace of mind and relaxation are things that you have to work at to get the full benefit.

The best way to think of it is like an MOT and service for the mind – we make sure our cars run properly every year, but sometimes neglect the driver! Highly recommended, wish I’d done this years ago.

Richard, Hampshire

Anxiety & Depression

I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for the last few weeks. I do believe that you have helped me immensely and I look forward to improving even more with the techniques, the CD’s and everything else we have worked on.

Having hypnotherapy has truly helped me manage the daily struggle of having depression and anxiety. I was sceptical at first, but now…having had 5 sessions of hypnotherapy with Jan, I feel much more at peace with myself and life. It is something that I still have to work on, but with the techniques, the power of positive thinking and listening to the CD’s that Jan provides after every session, I believe I will continue to do better. The good thing is, is that even after the programme has completed, I feel empowered and confident to use the techniques that I have learnt under hypnotherapy to continue practising them and therefore continuing to feel better today, tomorrow and always.

Debbie, Fareham

Stress & Emotional Reactions

 After just 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Jan my stress levels have reduced and my ability to cope in certain situations has improved.

The sessions were very gentle and relaxing yet thorough & detailed and the cd’s I was given to listen in-between were very helpful.  I feel much calmer after listening and ready to face the world…

I would most definitely recommend Jan.

Kate, Waterlooville


Hi, Jan, Just wanted to express my gratitude for the great work you have done with me in the last few weeks. The changes that we have made have transformed my outlook on life and improved me greatly as a person. Thank you.

Dave, Waterlooville

Insomnia & Anxiety

I went to see Jan for insomnia and anxiety and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I feel so much better in myself and am sleeping much more soundly.  My anxiety has all but gone and generally I feel much calmer and happier.

Jan is brilliant and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in fact I already have to friends etc.  I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy beforehand but I am truly amazed at what she has done for me and how she has helped me.  She is very professional and caring and I am so grateful to her for making me feel like my old self again.  Thank-you Jan.

Annette, Havant

Fear of Flying

I first went to see Jan last summer to see if hypnotherapy could help with my fear of flying in particular for a holiday I had coming up to the Middle East. I was a little apprehensive but Jan talked me through the process and although, to begin with, I found it was a little strange I quickly relaxed and over the following 3/4 sessions found relaxation easier and a very pleasant experience. The CD’s that Jan gave me to listen to between sessions were fantastic and I was able to listen to them on the plane, I particularly found them useful for take-off when I am at my most nervous. My family whom I travelled with said they could really see a difference in me and I can honestly say that I even enjoyed my flight coming home, something I never thought I would be able to say! Overall Jan was extremely professional, as well as being empathetic to my fears. I would not hesitate to recommend.

Estelle, Waterlooville

Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

Thank goodness for this amazing therapy, it has been life altering.

For 85% of my adult life I am a happy and positive soul, I have dealt with many stressful situations very well BUT there is always a ‘Line’ that once crossed, is very easy to go back on. I hate feeling this way, the panic attacks, the fear and dread, the sleepless nights, the crying, the irrational thoughts and behaviours. So each time I’ve crossed this line, I’ve gone to the doctors and been put onto SRIs as I want to be better very quickly and tablets will do this for me. Unfortunately, early this year, after a very stressful Christmas, I got into bed shattered, and it suddenly occurred to me that I wasn’t going to sleep, and very quickly after this I had a panic attack. Devastated, I returned to the Dr and for the fourth time in my adult life, was placed again onto tablets.

But this time I wanted to know WHY I did this, and what was causing it. Through Jan’s hypnotherapy, I found my route cause, it had been buried deep within my mind for many years and I was shocked by how much it had actually affected me.

Since having my sessions with Jan, I feel calmer, and more at peace within myself, the panic attacks stopped after my first session and generally I feel very good. I have reduced my medication to the lowest dose but as there are still many stresses in my life which I cannot alter, I don’t feel I could go without them just yet but I am certainly much further along the road to recovery than I have ever been before.

Thank you Jan for your specific skill and may you continue to heal people’s souls, Hazel.

Hazel, Denmead

Bruxism/Teeth Grinding

“I contacted Jan Page, because for many years I had been grinding my teeth (bruxism). They were so bad that they needed restoring, and it did not make sense to restore the teeth and then, to start grinding away a new set.

I had three sessions of hypnotherapy, with Jan, and now I have stopped grinding completely. Before the sessions I was not aware that I was actually grinding my teeth. Now the moment I try to do it, my brain makes me aware and I can stop myself.

It really has made a significant difference to me.” Once again, thank you very much Jan.

David, Waterlooville

Weight Loss & Depression

Thank you so much Jan for what you have done for my son, you are amazing!! His sessions of hypnotherapy have made a massive impact on him, from his past demons to his weight loss and confidence. Its absolutely changed his life.

Clair, Waterlooville

Depression, Emotional Eating & Weight Loss

I went to Jan to help control my comfort eating from problems in the past involving depression and weight problems. Since going to Jan I have lost 1 stone in a period of 7 weeks with 4 sessions and after using my CDs this really helped me apply myself to losing weight and eating healthy foods. I have also come out of depression and have felt a lot more confident in myself and have been a lot happier. Going to Jan has been very, very helpful and I fully recommend it to anyone suffering with depression and people who are emotional eaters. Thank you Jan!

Jordan, Widley, Waterlooville (Age 17)


I have suffered with symptoms of I.B.S since the age of 19. During the past 17 years I have tried many ways to reduce symptoms including diet changes and medication. Last year I was referred to a specialist at Q.A Hospital. He told me to try hypnotherapy as it’s very successful in treating I.B.S. I was recommended to Jan at Serenity Hypnotherapy.

After my first treatment I was so impressed as I felt less anxious and calmer and during the Christmas period when my symptoms are generally at their worst I didn’t have a single one. I felt happier and more at peace. I listened to the recording Jan gave me each day which really helped me to stay relaxed and positive before my next session.

I have now finished my treatments with Jan and am ready to start the year as a new person, feeling really confident and less anxious, which is helping me get to sleep at night easily now (another bonus). And the main thing, something I didn’t ever think was possible, is that I’m free of I.B.S. Thank you Jan as I felt at ease with you and never rushed.

Lisa Ayling, Denmead

Self Esteem & Childhood Issues

Just sending you an email to say thank you after having four sessions with you I feel a much happier person and more content with my life. Before I came to see you I was in quite a dark place with certain things from the past always on my mind, but now I can look forward to the future and I smile more with confidence. Your CDs help me a lot and they give me a boost if I have had a bad day. I don’t dwell on things as much as I used to and my family have noticed a difference in me which has made me feel good.

Dawn, Waterlooville

Anxiety, Worry

Anxiety, worrying and stress had become an everyday occurrence in my life.  I needed to change and break away from these thoughts and behaviours.  I was recommended to try hypnotherapy and I’m very glad I did.  From my first contact with Jan she put me at my ease and explained how hypnotherapy could work for me.    As the sessions progressed, I became less anxious, calmer and more able to put things into perspective.

I can now move forward with a smile on my face and a positive attitude to life.  If I do feel stressed or worried I play one of Jan’s excellent CDs that she provides for you and this helps to get me back on track.  My experience has been very positive and I would certainly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to break the cycle of anxiety and become a calmer more relaxed person.

Sally, Waterlooville

Weight Loss

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help.  From the very first session with you I noticed a difference.

I have tried many different ways of trying to lose weight e.g Weight Watchers and Slimming World to the many fad diets but always found I would be constantly thinking about food!

This has not been the case with hypnotherapy I’ve found it so easy to change my eating habits I no longer feel the need to snack or ‘reward’ myself with treats.

I have now lost a stone and not only are people noticing this I feel so much better in myself.

Thank you I wish I’d come to you years ago!

Dawn, Waterlooville

O.C.D – Anxiety

 I visited Jan for an obsession related to anxiety, I had previously tried so many different ways to stop my o.c.d behavior and figured I had nothing to lose in trying hypnotherapy… I am so glad I did, following each session I gradually felt better and much less anxious. It has been 2 weeks since my last session and I feel great , I can honestly say it is the first time in years I haven’t been ‘controlled’ by an anxiety related obsession.

I would definitely recommend visiting Jan and wish I had done it years ago.

Jo, Waterlooville

Anxiety & Depression

From the age of 16 I began to develop severe anxiety and depression. I have had a tough past and after 6 years of constant lows and severe depression I was most certainly feeling broken, the way I would describe it was ‘scared of dying but too tired to live’. I had very low self esteem.

The Beginning of this year was tough, my mental health plummeted, I went off sick from employment and dropped out of university. I became a ‘couch potato’, put on 2 stone and just the thought of stepping outside my front door exhausted me. After trying a majority of therapies and waiting 9 months on the waiting list for ITalk I began to think there was no ‘cure’. One day my mum suggested Hypnotherapy, she said she had looked through Jan’s website and thought maybe it was worth a try, My mum rang Jan on my behalf at the beginning of the week and I was booked into to see Jan that Friday.
I cant tell you how much Jan and the hypnotherapy she provides has changed my life. I am more positive, pro-active and have developed some great coping strategies! I see life very differently now, I see my past very differently too. Jan helped me to revisit my past and lay it to rest, hypnotherapy helped me to cut ties with bad emotions and is helping me to love myself again.

I’m not at the top of my game just yet but I’m getting there, 6 sessions and I’m a different person! In those six weeks I went from hating myself and unable to cope with even the most simplest of daily activities to joining the gym, learning to sew, socializing, appreciating the world around me and I have also landed myself a perfect job! Life can still be a struggle at times but hypnotherapy showed me that I am strong, I am loved and I have choice!

Thank-you Jan, thank-you so so much!

Jen, Waterlooville

Confidence & Self Esteem

I went to Jan because I had some confidence and self esteem issues. I hadn’t read much into hypnotherapy but thought it was worth a try.
Jan made me feel very comfortable when I was clearly nervous. Hypnotherapy is wonderful and is such a relaxing, calming and soothing experience and I would recommend it to anyone. Jan gave me some CD’s to listen to in between each session that helped me to practise relaxing down whenever I needed to. I can honestly say that I feel this has had a huge positive impact on my life. After each session I would feel better and better and notice differences in my everyday life and this is continuing now!
Thank you so much Jan for what you have done for me!

I would like to thank you for helping me, I feel wonderful and am so happy that I came to you!

Jennie, Waterlooville

Weight Loss

Picking up the phone and arranging to see Jan was the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.  From the first session I knew I’d done the right thing.

I’ve struggled with my weight for years, yoyo dieting, uncontrolled snacking and a lack of motivation to exercise had led to weight gain and a very low self esteem.  I knew what I needed to do, eat sensibly and start exercising, but easier said than done!  Well after the first session within days I’d noticed the difference, I was actually enjoying my meals, the snacks had dropped off the radar and I was no longer thinking about the next opportunity to eat.

Being able to keep up the benefits of Jan’s therapy between sessions by listening to her CDs was great, with the added bonus of half an hour of “me time”.

Hypnotherapy has helped me to gain control of my eating habits and hence the weight is coming off, but more importantly it’s brought back the smile to my face, which has been missing for far too long, thank you Jan.

Linda, Waterlooville

Depression, Anxiety

When I came to see Jan for the first time, I was in the midst of a depression, with anxiety issues on top!  I had no idea what to expect when I went – it had been my husband who had suggested I give it a go – but from the very start Jan put my mind at ease.  Jan explained everything so clearly and was so welcoming and kind and after my first session I can honestly say that I felt a bit better.  Having hypnotherapy is not scary and is a wonderful, relaxing feeling, and I feel so much better for having had the sessions.  Having identified some areas on which to work, in subsequent sessions Jan engaged my subconscious and helped to replace my negative feelings with more positive ones.  I used the CDs which Jan gave me at each session and this support at home was vital, too, in speeding my recovery.  After just four sessions with Jan I am feeling completely different.  I am positive, calm and confident.  At my first session I sat anxiously on her chair, hardly wanting to talk and feeling very unworthy, but by the final session I was smiling and know I have some tools that will help me cope with life better in the future.  I would recommend hypnotherapy to everyone as it has made all the difference to me. I can definitely say that it has been the best thing I could have done.  I am ready to face the world again now, thanks to Jan.

Vicky, Meon Valley

Fears, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Just a brief letter expressing my thanks to your professionalism and patience in helping me overcome my fears, stresses and anxieties dealing with everyday life.
Initially, I certainly wasn’t convinced hypnotherapy was the way forward with dealing with my issues but after hearing you patiently explain what hypnotherapy was and how it worked I was convinced to give it a go as I had nothing to lose. And I’m so glad I did. Progress was slow at first as I was very anxious but after the third session (and listening to your CDs at home) the changes started to come thick and fast, you gave me the confidence to test myself, to stop fretting and start enjoying life.
If for whatever reason someone was considering hypnotherapy, I would without reservation point them your way, the patient and cnfident way you informed me about hypnotherapy, the way you listened to me before each session and adjusted the session to suit me, really showed me that you were listening and not just reading from a ‘one fits all’ script. Thank-you very much indeed.
Tony, Waterlooville.

Sleeping Problems

For the last 15 years I have had problems with my sleeping pattern and actual quality of sleep, laying awake for hours before drifting off, then waking up later and finding it difficult to get back to sleep. I felt exhausted most days when I had to get up for work. Now just after a few weeks of hypnotherapy with Jan I find that I can fall asleep much easier when I go to bed at night and if I do have to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night I have no problem getting back to sleep again. I really appreciate all the help Jan has given me so I can now sleep peacefully. It has made a vast difference to my well being and general outlook and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending hypnotherapy to anyone with a sleeping disorder, or indeed any other condition
Diana, Waterlooville.

Panic Attacks

Thank-you so much for helping to make such a massive differencein my life. Two months ago I didn’t know where to turn next, my panic attacks were worse than ever. I had suffered from them for as long as I could remember, sometimes they were worse than others, depending on circumstances in my life. I had thought about hypnotherapy but where do you look, who do you choose? So when I saw your advert I felt it was fate. The best decision I ever made was to contact you. I was very nervous but you Jan made me feel so normal and at ease…. So thank-you Jan the day I saw your advert was the day my life changed and definately for the better
Tracey, Copnor, Portsmouth.


I visited Jan in the hope she could help. I had a lack of confidence, motivation, I was at a low point with no real get up and go. Hypnotherapy was an alternative to medication so I thought I’d give it a go and boy in such a short time I felt invigorated. I was back to my old self, making decisions and getting on with life, looking forward to the future and not dwelling on the past. So Jan, I can’t thank-you enough for helping me and giving me my life back.
Bob, Portsmouth

Depression, Low Self-Esteem and Confidence

As a 65 year old man, with no real problems in my life, from time to time I have got really down. Although not wanting to end my life, I have felt so low that I would have been pleased if I never woke up in the morning. I have also lacked in confidence throughout my life; I was told as a child, ‘You’re no good’ and this has always stayed with me.
I saw Jan’s advert in my local newspaper back in June 2013 and cut it out, keeping it to one side, not sure whether to ring or not. I have been to two hypnotherapists previously in my life and to be honest it was hard earned cash down the drain. Having a really low day in August 2013 I decided to ring Jan. She gave me hope just talking on the phone and I decided to give it another go and booked my first appointment.
After 3 sessions with Jan I just feel so different, a new person. I am now really happy with my life and as an added bonus Jan somehow has given me confidence in myself and self esteem, which really makes me feel a different person. Jan has really helped me so much.
Here are just a few reasons I think Jan’s so good:-
  • Your appointments are not rushed.
  • She really listens.
  • She takes time to get to get to know you and what makes you tick.
  • There’s no clock watching, your session takes whatever Jan thinks it needs to be, so there’s no, ‘sorry, times up, make another appointment’, that in itself makes you feel special.
  • Hypnotherapy with Jan really works.
If you have any problems you need help with, give Jan a call, I can’t recommend her enough; this lady is the genuine article, a rare thing these days.
Thanks Jan for putting me on the right side of the road.
Steve, Fareham.