Weight Loss

Looking Good, Feeling Great!

Many people who go on diets soon find they put the weight back on. Hypnotherapy can help you get the weight off and keep it off.

No restrictions on what you eat, no guilt, no weigh in. Just a motivation for healthy eating and exercise.

The weight loss programme can help you to quit your bad habits such as comfort/emotional eating, snacking, secret eating, sweet-tooth or chocolate addiction, along with portion size control and appetite.

The only thing you will gain is self-confidence and a better understanding of eating the food your body needs.

Hypnotherapy can also help you with anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders.


For those at the stage of needing a gastric band this may be for you. The Hypno-Gastric-Band could change your life forever. Imagine having the results usually achieved by having a surgical gastric band fitted but not having to go through surgery and spending thousands of pounds.

Well, now you can with Hypno-Gastric-Band!

By using the Hypno-Gastric-Band hypnotherapy system we can help create a state of mind where you will believe you actually have a gastric band fitted. It can help you eat smaller portions and feel full.

How does it work?

The Hypno-Gastric-Band system works over four sessions. At the initial session, we discuss your current eating habits and goals, we get started helping you to quit any bad habits and retrain your mind to focus on healthy eating. In the second session we work on any historical causes of your weight gain, you meet your ‘surgeon’ and in the third you have the ‘band’ fitted. The final session takes place around a month later so we can review your progress and make any adjustments.

“I’ve struggled with my weight for years, ‘yoyo’ dieting, uncontrolled snacking and a lack of motivation to exercise had led to weight gain and a very low self-esteem. I knew what I needed to do, eat sensibly and start exercising, but easier said than done! Hypnotherapy has helped me to gain control of my eating habits and hence the weight is coming off, but more importantly it’s brought back the smile to my face, which has been missing for far too long, thank you Jan.”

Why not take a look at the great results achieved by my weight loss clients on the testimonials page.