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Hypnotherapy for Children

Children are great at hypnosis!

Why? – They respond so well to hypnotherapy for two main reasons:-

  1. They are very open to hypnotherapy with fewer misconceptions about it than adults.
  2. They have an active and powerful imagination that they use all the time and very easily. Imagination is the tool of the sub-conscious mind where positive change becomes possible.

Why might you consider hypnotherapy for your child?

Hypnotherapy can help with the following issues:-

Sleeping Difficulties
Enuresis & Encopresis
Tics & habits
Obsessive Thoughts
Compulsive Actions
Being Bullied
Behaviour Problems
Learning & Exams

What next?

Following your enquiry I email you a ‘Child Profile’ for you to complete.

  1. Information Guide provided for you, explaining how to discuss the appointment with your child so they have an idea of what to expect and are happy to come along.
  2. Sessions planned and tailored to your child and their interests.
  3. You attend the session with your child.
  4. Follow-up actions/recordings are provided between sessions to help facilitate change.​​​​​​​

For me the most important starting point for success is to help the child feel at ease, have fun and enjoy the sessions; the reward is seeing them blossom.
You might find you enjoy the sessions so much you want some hypnotherapy for yourself too!

By Jan Page, Serenity Hypnotherapy